These instructions will help you create a so called "Master Image" of a C3 Micro-Cloud so that you can easily replicate the customizations applied to one image to a group of devices.

Before starting the cloning process, always contact Critical Links support with the license ID that you have used to create the master image. Critical Links needs to remove the license in order for you to be able to successfully create the clone image.

Before starting, you will need the following accessories:

  1. USB keyboard
  2. VGA or HDMI monitor
  3. USB Flash Drive
  4. USB HDD (use a USB 3.0 port)


  1. Ensure that the master and destination units have similar specs.
  2. Ensure that all the units have the same disk brand and model. Otherwise, you might face issues when restoring the cloned image to the destination units.


Ensure that you are using UEFI mode for the boot method on all units, the master and the receiving units.

To clone a disk

  1. Boot the C3 from a USB Flash Drive loaded with Clonezilla.
  2. Create a master image of the disk to be cloned on a USB HDD. This step is only needed once per master image. If cloning multiple disks simultaneously, you'll need more USB HDDs and Flash Drives. Ensure that the License ID has been removed before creating the image.
  3. To clone onto a new disk, boot the target C3 from a Flash Drive, connect the USB HDD with the master image, and start the restore process. Check the master image for errors before using it the first time.

Using Clonezilla

Clonezilla Live is the free software we use for cloning. Follow these steps:

  1. Make a Clonezilla bootable USB Flash Drive. Instructions on ow to do this can be found here
  2. Boot the C3: Connect the USB Flash Drive, monitor, and keyboard to the C3. Start it up and select the Flash Drive as the primary boot device in the BIOS or Boot menu (press DEL when starting).
  3. Create a master disk: Follow the instructions to save a disk image to the USB HDD, which will be mounted as /home/partimag: Save Disk Image Instructions
  4. Restore a disk: On the C3 receiving the new image, boot from the USB Flash Drive and follow the steps to restore from the master disk, using the default options: Restore Disk Image Instructions Note: Verify the master image for errors before transferring it, especially the first time you use a new USB HDD as a master. This check takes about as long as the transfer process itself.